Review-Portable Survival Water Bag

Review- Portable Survival Water Bag

Details provided by the kit:
The Portable Survival Water Bag is a collapsible 16.2 ounce bag which can be used to collect dirty water. The bag comes with a built in .1 micron water filter straw which is capable of cleaning and purifying the dirty water you scooped up
PURIFY DIRTY WATER – Turn muddy lake, pond, or puddle water into clear, clean, drinkable water.
REMOVES 99.9999% BACTERIA – Your Collapsible Water Filter has the ability to remove virtually all airborne bacteria.
ADVANCED FILTRATION – Eliminate Protozoa and other particles larger than .1 microns.
EMERGENCY WATER – Running out of water on a hike can be scary. Toss one of these in your pack for safety.
REUSABLE – When you’re done using your water filter bag, let the filter dry and you’ll be able to use it over and over again.

I got the package and it looked rather small and it is. It only holds about a little more than 1 Cup of water. It doesn’t seem real durable. I did fill it with dirty water and it came out clear.Not sure if it filtered out all the “bad” stuff but it didn’t taste like dirty water either.
The idea is to have a carry around filter for those occasions where you MAY need to find drinkable water and having this might be the answer for you. I wouldn’t recommend it for the avid person who uses it on a regular basis.
It takes a long time to have the filter part dry out from experience and the “filter” doesn’t feel very secure to the cap it fits into. I had to figure out from the “poorly” designed directions which end goes into the top. Nice to have for emergencies I guess but I wouldn’t depend on it to get me thru a hiking excursion if I needed it.

I personally would rate it a 5 out of 10!