Review-Pink Girls Digital Watch

Review -Pink Girls Digital Watch with a little girl holing a lovely cat in her arms on the irregular dial and cute cartoons on the watch band. According to the manufacture it has a 1 BUTTON POP UP THE DIAL. Press the button (Yellow on lower left) on the watch, the watch dial automatically pops up and you can see the time and date. This will help to tell time.
– SPECIAL DESIGN. There are no exposed buttons for your kids to push by mistake. The watch gives her the time and date and they can not inadvertently change the time or date.

I received the watch and found it to be fairly easy to take on and off. The button on the front “pops” up and you can see the time. It seems fairly durable and its softer plastic band.

The cons: It did not come with directions so you can figure out what size watch battery it takes or how to set the time and date on it. I found this to be very upsetting since the time on the watch isnt correct as it stands.

I would rate this a 6 out 10!

I received this product in exchange for a non-biased review.