Review-MoYu Skewb Speed Magic Cube Puzzle

MoYu Skewb Speed Magic Cube Puzzle

Review:  I purchased these for my children and my friends who absolutely love these things. When I bought this I was thinking this would be like the old fashioned rubics cube type games. Its not! The set comes with three unique cubes: 1 Fluctuation Angle Magic Cube which has a bunch of smaller looking triangle pieces. A Mirror Magic Cube  all gold in color , and a Skewb Speed Magic Cube-kinda looks like a rubic cube but different colors.

Con: The writing on the boxes is not in English and there are no  directions.   I guess these things don’t usually come with directions anyway, you just mix it up and try to get it back to how it is originally supposed to look. I feel these are okay puzzles to play with and my friends and kids took an interest in them for a time.

Rating: 7 out of 10. Not in english and no pictures to resort to looking at for the finished product.