Non-contact 3 in 1 Infrared Thermometer-Easy@Home Review-

Non-contact 3 in 1 Infrared Thermometer-Easy@Home
5 out 5!

Easy and Works very well.

I bought this hoping it would be easier to use than the “oral” digital thermometer I have. Its 100% better. It takes only 1 sec to get an accurate scan and you can 3 ways. Im impressed it came with batteries and a nice case to hold it. I used on myself, the room temp and surface. It seemed to give accurate readings each time. I like that it has RED and GREEN lighting so you can get a sense of weather its above or normal range. The Instruction manual has a nice chart to refer from for age guidelines for temps. I didnt know that made a difference in accurate temp. readings. It can be re-calibrated if you need to do it too.. again great feature. I have used other temporal scanners and you have to swipe a few times to get an accurate reading. This is the same each time its accurate and correct ! Overall I give this a solid 10 ! I Im glad I paid extra for this and will have it for years to come.

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